50 Reasons for the ASB GlassFloor

Glass and aluminum do not age, so the GlassFloor with a “durability” of over 70 years is extremely durable and is an integral part of the sports hall

Due to its special surface, there is no damage or permanent soiling on the GlassFloor when using street shoes

No skin burns by slipping or falling down as with plastic coverings or wood lacquer

Unique elasticity, which excites all athlete

The clear LED field lines for different sports can be switched on and off individually. This avoids “line chaos” as with conventional trays

Insensitive to moisture and heat

The glass plates can be easily removed and reused at any time

Perfect sliding friction due to burnt-on ceramic points, which can be adapted to customer requirements by adapting size and density

The patented etching of the glass prevents mirroring in the surface

Unlimited advertising possibilities with LED video surfaces or color-printed and illuminated surfaces such as club or company logos

As a full-LED video floor, the ASB Glassfloor offers an absolutely extraordinary visual experience

Festivals and events can be held on this ground. Neither shoe abrasion, liquids, cigarette glow, seating or stage assembly are a problem

The GlassFloor is available in any color

The floor can also be used outdoors

The LED lines are clearly visible to players and referees in all lighting and all lighting conditions – even in strong sunlight

Easy cleaning and maintenance of the floor – no specialist required. Approx. 50% less cleaning effort than with conventional floors

After-sales service by ASB, a company that has been distinguished by high quality and reliability for more than 50 years

The flooring conforms to the international standard EN 14 904: 2006 for shallow-elastic sports floors

The soil fulfills all prerequisites for a FIBA ​​accreditation. This is expected in 2017

Approved for the German handball league

The floor can be used with roller skates without problems and without wear

The GlassFloor impresses visually and conveys a futuristic and professionally sporty flair

Sport in the dark with UV lighting (black light) and neon colors is possible and a highlight

The surface can not be damaged by sharp or hard objects

Cleaning with all common cleaning machines possible. Any cleaning agent can be used

The GlassFloor is 95% recyclable. Due to its long service life, the soil is a very sustainable investment

No need to grind and restart the surface or lines

No formaldehyde emission of the system as with conventional sports floors

The GlassFloor fulfills the flammability class F according to EN 13501-1

The system has no open gaps

Even frequent and extreme changes in air humidity do not damage the GlassFloor

The ASB GlassFloor is suitable for wheelchair sports

The system is of course also suitable for underfloor heating, which can be easily maintained by removing individual glass panels

By switching the LED lines on and off, the floor can be used for several sports of the highest leagues as well as TV broadcasts for the first time

The floor is ideal for mobile stands, as there are no running marks due to high loads (as in the case of plastic or wood)

If desired, the entire floor can be aligned for higher loads without compromising the elasticity of the sports floor

Due to the hardness of the surface, even sand is no danger to the soil

The system is “Made in Germany” in reinforced ASB quality

Due to its futuristic appearance, the ASB GlassFloor is a spectator and sports magnet

Even after years of use, the interface still looks as new

Good acoustic properties are ensured by the decoupling of the glass plates and by the rough surface

There is no evaporation of softeners and therefore no odor of the players

The large glass panels create a calm and homogenous overall appearance of the sports floor

Increased fire safety through the integration of emergency exit signs in the glass floor

Standing water or water damage caused by building defects can not damage the floor

The illuminated lines creates a better sense of space for the playing field

The clarity of the lines makes it easier for referees to recognize whether a ball was out or not

A longer closing of the sports center for maintenance and maintenance work (as with wooden floors) is not necessary

The ground is 100% termite-resistant

Because of its long shelf life, the glass floor is a long-term investment and can be expanded from a hall and re-installed at another sports facility