ASB MultiSports

The floor not only meets all technical requirements of a modern sports floors, it offers much more. The touchscreen allows you to switch on a professional playing field for any type of sport. The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors and even portable floors are possible. The fact that the strict performance criteria for sports floors are not only met, but even exceeded, makes the ASB MultiSports truly the floor of the future.

Norm compliance

The ASB GlassFloor meets most of the European and universal norms for performance sports floors, including the EN and DIN norm. The floor is the ideal surface for indoor and outdoor tournaments in several different disciplines such as basketball, handball, netball, volleyball etc.

Elasticity and floor surface

Many people are surprised to hear that our glass floor is more elastic than most wooden floors. In combination with our specially developed aluminium dual-support sprung floor supporting construction, elasticity and absorption are consistent across the entire area. Usually, glass reflects any source of light and has a slippery surface. But special treatment of the our surface enables us to achieve a very low level of light reflection. The floor surface does not reveal any visible reflections which means players are neither distracted nor blinded by glare. In fact, the surface looks very homogeneous and neutral. Non-slip properties are ensured by integrated ceramic dots, the number and size of which have been adapted so that the non-slip properties comply with those of traditional sports floors. The surface we have developed offers just the right level of slip resistance but prevents the risk of injury when a player dives for the ball or jumps.


The GlassFloor has an expected lifetime of 70 years. The materials used are glass, ceramic and aluminium which are known for their resilience and longevity. The main advantages however lie in the glass surface whose matt surface means that it does not show scratches or other signs of use, and the ceramic dots which withstand any kind of abrasion. The LEDs have a minimum life expectancy of 50,000 hours. ASB has set itself the goal of creating a floor that outlasts its venue.

Moreover, a floor with these properties allows one to use it for a variety of events which would be unthinkable of doing on a standard sports floor. It is possible to arrange non-sporting events, and access the floor with scaffolding or other heavy equipment.


A professional set of marking lines for every sport is available with a touch on the control panel. Portable flooring for individual sports is no longer required. When the lines are turned off, the unique surface allows for any venue to be used as an expo space, entertainment venue, dance floor or for many other purposes.