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Based on our power of innovation and our vision of delivering a complete installation fit for highly-specialised applications, clients contact us for specialised projects. Due to the nature of our products and projects, we have an incredibly capable team to realise complete and challenging projects out of the norm. Here are some examples of our extraordinary services.

ASB GlassFloor designed a special construction for this flooring project with a pixel pitch of 25 mm, which not only ensures a homogeneous surface, but matches the architecture of the building and gives it a futuristic touch at the same time. The entire flooring surface of 80 m² was equipped with LED video elements and covered with patented glass that reduces reflection to a minimum.

Just like the lake, the waterfall consists of LED and glass elements. „For the waterfall, we provided a real cutting-edge service: a special laser technique ensures that the glass hardly reflects and the glass surface can be used as a transparent balustrade with a height of 440 cm. This is the first solution of this kind worldwide.” says Christof Babinsky, Managing Director of ASB GlassFloor.

The finished installation gives the impression of water flowing down, while the floor appears like a water surface. “Both elements can be controlled individually per Plug&Play via HDMI interface – with a single video file, which makes operation extremely easy. This way we achieve a unique effect on anyone who enters the building – and Microsoft has numerous new possible uses of the atrium. For instance, floor and waterfall can welcome visitors individually, which makes it more personal. Or they could be used to transform the spacious atrium into a monumental presentation surface.“

ASB was asked to design a cube without metal posts. The ceiling and floor were to be equally illuminated across the entire surface. The glass walls were to function as a projection screen visible from the inside and outside of the cube. We installed a tracking device for interactive pens is installed so that during a think tank session Dell employees could use the screens as white boards during brain-storming sessions to discuss engineering solutions.

The client came to ASB after seeing what we had done for squash. Creating the “Poker Cube” was rather difficult. The audience need to be able to see the poker players, whilst the poker players are not allowed to see the reaction of the live crowd, thus avoiding infringement through the sound or expressions of the crowd. Therefore, we created a soundproof cube with a sound-insulating ceiling on top, whilst OneWay vision glass hides the audience from the poker players. The installation can be built into a 4.5 m x 4.5 m x 4 m cube or a 6 m x 6 m x 6 m cube for larger events. ASB designed all components (including the fancy LED lights) to be portable and easy to install in different locations.

ASB has partnered with OTEM 2000 to realise yet another visionary flooring product: the SolarFloor. A slip-resistant floor that generates energy from sunlight. The surface and build-up of the floor is very similar to the ASB GlassFloor and brings the same proven quality and performance factors. The floor provides the necessary grip for outdoor installations, is easy to clean and can also be created as an elastic floor that meets international norms for sports flooring. Although the floor is not at an angle to the sun like solar panels on solar farms, our specially developed glass enables us to achieve up to 80% of the maximum efficiency of the solar panels we use. At the same time, the surface is fully usable and can be walked on.

ASB have created a new dimension of wellness experience at the BallsportARENA in Dresden. Whilst the smooth and high-performing ASB GlassFloor protects you from the hot stones, the floor gives you the illusion of walking on large river stones when entering the sauna. In addition, a solid sub-construction of aluminium and elegant lighting create a combination of maximum comfort and security, as well as a real perception of nature.

Christof Babinsky, CEO of ASB, refers to the vibrant new features of the ASB GlassFloor in this new field of application: “Using our ASB GlassFloor in Spa environments is a great idea. This market is very competitive in terms of innovation and the ASB GlassFloor offers the possibility to create stunning effects with little effort. In addition, the floor easily takes all challenges you have in Spa areas. It is non-slip, very easy to clean and does not suffer from water or moisture.”

The ASB ShowGlasscourt for international Tournaments

ASB – a specialst supplier for SquashCourts and modern glass floor installations

ASB is one of the key drivers of innovation in the area of squash. We have developed the ASB ShowGlassCourt in order to give the sport an appropriate stage for international tournaments. OneWay vision allows spectators to look into the squash court but the players can not see out of the court. We provide state-of-the-art LED lighting for super slow motion, LED-based marking lines and a construction method that does not require any metal columns to hold the glass cube. This is a great example of how ASB has overcome engineering challenges to provide a wonderful experience.

Contact ASB today to see if we can find a solution for your challenge. Whether you plan presentations of goods or activities, a unique artistic installation or you wish to better the world through design in some other way, ASB can be your partner in providing a solution without compromise! We offer a design-and-build service at affordable cost. ASB will offer you an overall package so that the calculations for the project are straightforward at your end.

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