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Based on our power of innovation and our vision of delivering a complete installation fit for highly-specialised applications, clients contact us for specialised projects. Due to the nature of our products and projects, we have an incredibly capable team to realise complete and challenging projects out of the norm. Here are some examples of our extraordinary services.

The world’s first all-glass Hot Tub convinces with its revolutionary design statement and extraordinary customisation options.

It is the world’s first Hot Tub made entirely out of glass and thus blends harmoniously and inconspicuously into its surroundings during the day, but from dusk onwards it can become the protagonist at the touch of a button. And thanks to the four glass sides made of safety glass, these always remain clear and are easy to clean, unlike plastic versions.

Nautilus is portable, controllable via app and available in three versions, with different LED installations underneath the floor, up to a full LED screen over the 2 by 2 metre pool floor. Steps, the cover, a powerful heater and the filter system are included. These are so convenient to put into operation that the Hot Tub can be fully used after eight hours.

In cooperation with the Marseille-based company POOLOOP, ASB GlassFloor created the first of its kind fully multimedia capable LED video floor for a swimming pool, the ‘21h40’.

Thanks to ASB’s glass flooring technology, it is easily possible to broadcast content from a mobile phone straight to the pool’s floor.

The ‘21h40’ is able to provide any guest with a unique and immersive experience. With one click you can personalize your environment and the swimming pool comes to life, allowing users to swim with dolphins, dive into a pool full of sharks, or descend into an active volcano straight off the porch.

Regardless of pool size and depth, the ‘21h40’ can meet any customer’s and/or location’s needs

ASB’s latest innovative architectural project, „ASB DigitalWallpaper“, is an installation that demonstrates how public spaces can change their purpose at an instant. The visitor is emerged in a very different emotional environment each time he/she passes the space, although the physical environment does not change.

With digital installations like ASB’s “DigitalWallpaper” at their centre, spatial design is enabled to incorporate the human need for change on a daily basis. Digital installations at the heart of design concepts allow for true multi-purpose spaces, encourage human interaction and can inflict emotional reactions.

The host, ASB Architectural, focuses on the creation of such spaces by applying a radical approach to technology. Rather than using screens to convey written information or advertising messages, the focus is on integrating digital hardware in spatial design. The human eye or touch is never exposed to LED screens. The tangible screen meets all requirements for interior applications in high-end environments.

DeepLumen is the first installation of its kind, designed by Artist Marc Gumpinger and innovative entrepreneur Christof Babinsky.

‘It is our intention to empower public and private spaces with the use of LED screens in architecture. The LED wall is used to create an almost natural ambiance rather than to shout out advertising messages.’

The 3m x 6m self-supporting cube with an internal height of 2.5m is entirely designed from speciality glass on all walls and the floor. Whilst three walls and the ceiling are reflective, the floor and one side wall are the translucent screen for over 800.000 LEDs. The LEDs are installed behind opaque glass, providing a natural screen rather than an LED wall installation.

The reflective glass walls allow the artist to harness the reflection of illuminated surfaces in order to create an abstract and fascinating virtual environment. The translucent mirror walls create a miraculous environment for the spectator inside the cube, who is sealed away from the cube’s surroundings. However, passers-by can view the spectator, exploring and experiencing, inside the cube due to the properties of the glass used.

The algorithms responsible for providing the visual, moving content to the installation, designed by Gumpinger, create a digital world of illusions that whilst being completely digital create an environment that acts and feels natural. Non-organic media is used to provoke an emotional ambiance that almost feels organic and meets the demands of modern, moving design in a progressive working environment.

Gumpinger and Babinsky want to change the design in lobbies, public, and private spaces around the world with this innovative concept.

ASB was founded in 1965. ASB Architectural is the newest addition to the ASB line of products and services. The market leader in manufacturing squash courts worldwide the company has its origins in the sporting world and has earned excellent reputation for innovation, quality, and service. Recently ASB has become known to be the innovator behind the ASB GlassFloor, a professional sports floor surface with LED marking lines or a full LED screen integrated. Christof Babinsky, son of the company’s founder and tireless innovator Horst Babinsky, has taken the lead on the business and the introduction of new innovations since 2013.

He is seen to develop into new areas and understands vision and functionality like an architect or designer. Babinsky has already carried out glass and light installations for the likes of Dell Computers or Microsoft, where ASB has recently installed a digital waterfall and lake as the centrepiece of the new Dublin headquarters. Babinsky, born 1986, studied in Bath, UK and returned to Germany in 2012 where he now leads ASB’s operations in Stein, Germany.

Marc Gumpinger’s works are the distillation of his many years’ experience in the software and deep tech field: After initial steps on his C64 at nine years old, while still at school in the early 90s he published computer and games graphics along with 3D visualisations. After that he developed industry leading image processing software. Alongside this he graduated in business administration and earned his PhD in human biology with a focus on information technology and statistics.

Following the introduction of the iPhone, Marc founded a start-up for creative gaming components, which he turned into the world’s biggest mobile gaming network in just three years and sold to the BlackBerry group in 2011. Since 2015 he has been merging his experience and creative talent in a unique combination, painting large formats in oil on canvas what others are unable to do: the aesthetic of the new technology-shaped generation. His works are found in collections such as the Allianz Art Collection throughout Europe, USA and Asia. Marc Gumpinger, born in 1974, lives and works in Munich, Germany.

ASB GlassFloor designed a special construction for this flooring project with a pixel pitch of 25 mm, which not only ensures a homogeneous surface, but matches the architecture of the building and gives it a futuristic touch at the same time. The entire flooring surface of 80 m² was equipped with LED video elements and covered with patented glass that reduces reflection to a minimum.

“Just like the lake, the waterfall consists of LED and glass elements. For the waterfall, we provided a real cutting-edge service: a special laser technique ensures that the glass hardly reflects and the glass surface can be used as a transparent balustrade with a height of 440 cm. This is the first solution of this kind worldwide.” says Christof Babinsky, Managing Director of ASB GlassFloor.

The finished installation gives the impression of water flowing down, while the floor appears like a water surface. “Both elements can be controlled individually per Plug&Play via HDMI interface – with a single video file, which makes operation extremely easy. This way we achieve a unique effect on anyone who enters the building – and Microsoft has numerous new possible uses of the atrium. For instance, floor and waterfall can welcome visitors individually, which makes it more personal. Or they could be used to transform the spacious atrium into a monumental presentation surface.“

ASB was asked to design a cube without metal posts. The ceiling and floor were to be equally illuminated across the entire surface. The glass walls were to function as a projection screen visible from the inside and outside of the cube. We installed a tracking device for interactive pens so that during a think tank session Dell employees could use the screens as white boards during brain-storming sessions to discuss engineering solutions.

The client came to ASB after seeing what we had done for squash. Creating the “Poker Cube” was rather difficult. The audience need to be able to see the poker players, whilst the poker players are not allowed to see the reaction of the live crowd, thus avoiding infringement through the sound or expressions of the crowd. Therefore, we created a soundproof cube with a sound-insulating ceiling on top, whilst OneWay vision glass hides the audience from the poker players. The installation can be built into a 4.5 m x 4.5 m x 4 m cube or a 6 m x 6 m x 6 m cube for larger events. ASB designed all components (including the fancy LED lights) to be portable and easy to install in different locations.

ASB have created a new dimension of wellness experience at the BallsportARENA in Dresden. Whilst the smooth and high-performing ASB GlassFloor protects you from the hot stones, the floor gives you the illusion of walking on large river stones when entering the sauna. In addition, a solid sub-construction of aluminium and elegant lighting create a combination of maximum comfort and security, as well as a real perception of nature.

Christof Babinsky, CEO of ASB, refers to the vibrant new features of the ASB GlassFloor in this new field of application: “Using our ASB GlassFloor in Spa environments is a great idea. This market is very competitive in terms of innovation and the ASB GlassFloor offers the possibility to create stunning effects with little effort. In addition, the floor easily takes all challenges you have in Spa areas. It is non-slip, very easy to clean and does not suffer from water or moisture.”

The ASB ShowGlasscourt for international Tournaments

ASB – a specialst supplier for SquashCourts and modern glass floor installations

ASB is one of the key drivers of innovation in the area of squash. We have developed the ASB ShowGlassCourt in order to give the sport an appropriate stage for international tournaments. OneWay vision allows spectators to look into the squash court but the players can not see out of the court. We provide state-of-the-art LED lighting for super slow motion, LED-based marking lines and a construction method that does not require any metal columns to hold the glass cube. This is a great example of how ASB has overcome engineering challenges to provide a wonderful experience.

Contact ASB today to see if we can find a solution for your challenge. Whether you plan presentations of goods or activities, a unique artistic installation or you wish to better the world through design in some other way, ASB can be your partner in providing a solution without compromise! We offer a design-and-build service at affordable cost. ASB will offer you an overall package so that the calculations for the project are straightforward at your end.