The ASB MultiSports and the ASB LumiFlex floor are certified sports floors.

Both surfaces meet the international Norm EN 14904. The major performance criteria for testing according to the EN 14904 are shock absorption, ball rebound, slip resistance, vertical deformation and behaviour under a rolling load. Both systems fulfil and exceed these demands for an official and professional sports floor.

The ASB MultiSports and LumiFlex surface also pass the friction test according to the DIN 18032-2 norm. Furthermore, the EN norm is the standard for sports surfaces worldwide and is adopted by most federations such as the FIBA for Basketball or the IHF for Handball. This is the leading standard and reference document setting the requirements for sports performance criteria.

ASB surfaces are tested for their norm compliance only by accredited and independent third party institutes. We conduct regular testing according to the EN 14904. ASB uses the IST institute, located in Markkleeberg, Germany, an institute accredited by the German Accreditation Authority DAkkS and by the International Association for Sports Surface Sciences. In addition, we have ordered independent testing from the institute of material sciences “Materialprüfungsanstalt Universität Stuttgart” – MPA, Otto-Graf-Institut, Referat  51160:  Sportstättenbau und Bahnen.

Scientific testing is only one aspect for suitability at ASB we are primarily interested in the actual usability of the floor. This is another reason why we have designed the floor to offer a high shock absorption, thus reducing the pressure on joints and a very good grip, allowing the player maximum control over his movements. The elevated ceramic dots hinder skin burns when the players fall. We consulted with experts from all different types of sports enabling us to find the best composition of different performance criteria we invite experts from all different types of sports: Basketball, Volleyball,  Badminton, Handball, Hockey, Tennis …


Due to the multifunctional nature of our products and specifically their ability to provide for different sports, we require a solution to the problem of what happens to the holes within which the net posts are placed when such nets are removed. To do this we provide removable net post coverings made from the same materials as the rest of our floors.

Experts as well as amateurs have a common opinion: The floor is great! Some say probably the best floor in the world.