ASB is known for its innovations and sustainable design in the world of sport and has already revolutionized the squash sport. All of this experience and our in-depth knowledge of the high-quality materials used are incorporated into the most modern flooring system currently on the market.

ASB, short for aluminum system construction, was founded in 1965. We have always insisted on high value creation through quality and intelligent design. ASB is an important development partner of the leading squash world associations and has given the sport several groundbreaking innovations. As the world’s leading provider of squash courts, we know all the requirements placed on high-ranking sports facilities.

We have the skills and commercial skills necessary for international business and know the global sporting markets like the back of our hands.


ASB SquashCourt: a symbol for perfectionist German design.


Founded on October 1st as a company for interior construction.

Construction of interesting projects with an aluminium building system called “Trelement” (triangle and hexagon construction method) churches, schools, office buildings and kindergartens.

Development of the ASB construction method and construction of 70 kindergartens in Germany, two Max-Planck Institutes, one Goethe Institute and different office buildings and schools. ASB was market leader in this field.

Development of an ASB SystemSquashCourts with various patents and start with the first ASB SystemCourt.

“Aktuelles Sportstudio” ZDF (Germany’s most renowned sports programme).

ASB Pro GlassBackWall.

Development of the ASB movable wall and of the ASB rotary GlassBackWall.

The health ASB SportsFloor.

Innovation Award of the squash press.

ASB GameCourt.

ASB SquashCourt System 100.

ASB RainbowCourts.

ASB ShowGlassCourt.

ASB SensitiveTin and ASB TopSquash.

Innovations Award World Squash Federation.

ASB GlassFloor.

First Glass Court on the Club Ship AIDAdiva.

First ASB GlassFloor with integrated video floor at U19 World Championships in Chennai, India.

ASB ShowGlassCourt / upgrade: glass fins instead of metal poles.

ASB SquashCourt Sytem 85.

ASB RefereeSystem and ASB TopSquash (screens) and upgrade ASB ShowGlassCourt (bigger panels, TV visibility).

ASB TVO Floor (TV optimised).

ASB ShowGlassCourt / upgrade: LED (out, service and thin) lines.

Market launch of GlassFloor for all sports (in addition to squash).

Introduction of ASB LumiFlex, the full LED video floor.

ASB’s largest MultiSports installation to date completed at the BallsportARENA in Dresden, coming in at 2,000m².

ASB Architectural was established, with its inaugural installation of DeepLumen. Started a partnership with Pooloop, providing LED floors in swimming pools.

ASB TracBack – the world’s first interactive sports floor – was exhibited to the public at ISPO Munich and again at the Audi Cup 2019.

The future ahead – since 1965

In 1965 the visionary and trained advertising specialist Horst Babinsky founded Babinsky Trockenbau KG, which then developed into Systembau Horst Babinsky GmbH. The company began to market the first plastic curtain rail. Design affinity and lively contact with architects soon lead to Horst Babinsky becoming Germany’s most successful licensee for the revolutionary system for aluminum prefabricated buildings. Later, together with Hardy Rensch, he developed the ASB building system, an intelligent aluminum prefabricated building system which has been implemented in over 100 buildings in Germany and internationally. Kindergartens, institutes, schools and private homes are manufactured very quickly in very short time. In 1975 Horst Babinsky developed the ASB SquashCourt and thereby paved the way into the sports sector. Within 10 years, ASB SquashCourt became the international market leader and afterwards commenced a history of groundbreaking innovations. Horst Babinsky is still active in the company and is there to advise. In 2016, he ensured that a cooperation between the company Abacus Alpha and ASB was formed, thus bringing a strong partner, guaranteeing future viability and scalability.


“Here at ASB, we have just the right mix to achieve top performance. We combine the strict quality assurance and design requirements for which German Engineering is known worldwide, with the spirit of visionary pioneers and proud innovators. We have a real passion for the materials we use in our products. The ASB team stands for what it takes to drive and successfully market an innovative product like the ASB GlassFloor: endurance and heart blood! We never stopped developing a floor of glass because we knew exactly how great the material is. We have never ceased to develop the GlassFloor for other markets that are not our habitual terrain, although we knew how conservative they are partly to change. We have never stopped, although many of our ideas were “crazy”. We have never ceased to acquire customers who trust our product, even though it was difficult and laborious. We never stopped before our customer was not completely satisfied. And be assured: we will show the same determination and perseverance when we have the next great idea! Because we are sure that in the next 25 years we will be shaping “iconic sports centers”. We will change the way in which sports are presented and perceived. We are the ones who take the next step. And that is what motivates us to do what we do best – and what makes the design and installations of our products so unique.”

Christof Babinsky, Managing Director