For the players

When ASB set out to design the ASB GlassFloor, we did not simply build a prototype and see if it worked. In fact, with our system we have the unique ability to choose the performance characteristics of our sports floor. The glass we use is key to these characteristics. We can determine the amount of anti-slip ceramic dots on the surface of the glass which means we are able to adjust the grip of the surface of the floor. For our standard ASB MultiSports surface, we chose a layout that provides grip at the highest standards of the EN norm. With an average test result of 0.57, we offer the greatest level of grip within the norm. However, due to the ceramic dots being raised, players do not have the problem of skin burn when they fall over (normally resulting from skidding over a sticky surface).

The glass used in the ASB GlassFloor is 2.5 times more elastic than a comparable hardwood board floor. This means we had to reduce the elasticity to a level that is allowed within the EN norm. The floor offers an equal shock absorption of 55.6% with 60% being the maximum allowed by the EN norm. Moreover, it being a relatively soft surface, it is better for joints and players when they fall compared to a wooden sports floor. The surface tension of the GlassFloor still provides a great ball reflection value of 93% to accommodate any basketball player’s requirements for a good ball rebound.

Overall the ASB GlassFloor’s performance criteria are outstanding. The floor offers great grip and very good shock absorption whilst still offering the necessary professional ball rebound.

The ASB GlassFloor is a floor which is truly designed for the players and their maximum performance – and it is one of the healthiest playing surfaces available.

“The glass floor is the best floor I have ever played on. Consistent movement patterns, tremendous grip, fantastic elasticity and I’ve never jumped as high. This is definitely a very special floor and it looks absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to play on it again.”

Nicole Grether | German Olympic athlete | Badminton

“I always love the opportunity to visit the “Schloss Stein” private school in Bavaria. After all, what they have there is absolutely unique throughout Germany. Playing basketball on a glass floor in the “TRON” hall where I have already shot several basketball videos as I am continuously impressed by the appearance of the floor. You would never think the glass floor is so elastic. And its incredible grip is unique. It would almost seem impossible to slip here.”

Mr Mike, alias Michael Wagenführer | | Basketball

“From a tennis perspective, the GlassFloor is eminently suitable for use in multi-purpose halls used by clubs, schools, towns or communities. The possibility to superimpose several mini courts, a mid-court or even an entire tennis court at the touch of a button opens up entirely new opportunities for tennis as a sport in schools. A GlassFloor also enables sports associations to easily extend their range of sports to include tennis. The flooring offers grip and ball rebound is comparable to that of a fast carpet surface. The GlassFloor is ideal for playing with the pressure-reduced red, orange and green balls used in tennis for children and adolescents in particular.”

Bayerischer Tennis-Verband e.V. | | Tennis

“I am very impressed by the glass floor. The floor and its illuminated marking lines not only look amazing, but allow a perfect view of the court boundaries. Furthermore, this is the perfect surface for wheelchair basketball. The stability on it is immaculate, I was able to brake and steer with ease and manoeuvre controlled and swiftly. I can only recommend the glass floor further.”

Berthold Schauberger | Deutscher Nationalmannschaftsspieler und dreimaliger Paralympic Athlet | Rollstuhlbasketball

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