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We have an idea

The creation of the ASB Nautilus began with the transportation of our groundbreaking technology to a market which, as we saw it, lacked diversity. We seek to change this by introducing a premium, high end solution that proposes freedom within heat and light. The world’s first all-glass whirlpool convinces with its revolutionary design and  customisable options.

It is the world’s first whirlpool made entirely out of glass, blending harmoniously and inconspicuously into its surroundings during the day, but from dusk onwards becomes the protagonist at the touch of a button. It is formed from glass and steel using these robust materials to break away from industry standard and thanks to the four sides made of safety glass, they always remain clear and easy to clean, unlike plastic versions.

The product seeks to act as a stunning centre piece for villas, hotels and nightclubs. An eye catcher to cement the attention towards the area within which it is installed.

Minimalist design combined with advanced features

The 5-side glass pool is a minimalistic approach to building a hot tub with as little compromise in making a product, as possible. When we looked at the market for hot tubs we realised that there was no glass hot tub on the market and overall, not many ready-built products that are truly aesthetically pleasing. Hot tubs are conventionally plastic boxes that sit on patios or the likes, being an inanimate object until used. The Nautilus all-glass pool is a stunning object in its own right and a design addition for every garden, terrace and spa environment.
The different lighting features make the Nautilus a truly immersive experience that in case of the Mk III Nautilus can take you on a journey, out of this world. In addition, the Nautilus can easily be moved by one person with a conventional pallet truck.

Nautilus Range

Every model Nautilus pool is made up from 5 sides of safety glass, finished with minimalistic stainless steel details on all corners. The dimensions of the pool are 2.0 m (width), 2.0 m (length) and 1.0 m (height).
The Nautilus is designed for minimal installation requirements and maximum user flexibility. The whole pool comes as one package on a truck and features a mechanism which allows the delivery driver to place the pool by forklift (already on the truck) at the clients desired location. The pool can then be adjusted in height, connected to electricity and filled with water, merely 8h before you dive in. The Nautilus is also equipped with a step on each side that covers the lighting mechanism and the technology below the pool, as well as enables easy access.


Mark 1

Mk I

Mk I: Is equipped with black anti-slip safety glass as the bottom monolithic floor panel. A 5cm wide RGB LED strip runs around the perimeter of the pool, illuminating the Nautilus through the glass floor. The RGB light can be fully programmed and personalised to allow the user to customise Nautilus’s appearance.

Mark 2


Mk II: Is equipped with anti-slip safety glass as the bottom monolithic floor panel. The entire glass panel is evenly illuminated across the whole surface and can be customised by the user. The whole floor can be illuminated in the full RGB spectrum to allow the user to customise Nautilus’s appearance.

Mark 3


Mk III: Is equipped with anti-slip safety glass as the bottom monolithic floor panel. The entire glass panel is one full LED screen with an LED every 4.9mm (pixel pitch), allowing the user an incredibly immersive spa experience. The Mk III Nautilus comes with video content designed for the ideal spa experience preset but can also be customised by the user to meet their preferences. This may be hotel logos, brand advertising, ambient videos or thrilling clips that immerse the user into a different world. Live streaming to the screen is also possible.

Utility System

The Nautilus comes equipped with a water- and outdoorproof heating system that can be placed close to or up to 5m away from the actual Nautilus. Three easy-fix pipes are then connected which supply water and air to the pool.


-Heats Nautilus by 1-2° per hour (up to 8h to heat the Nautilus up to 40°). Equipped with high-power air supply to provide the typical sparkling experience. Standard chemical based cleaning system included.


-Heats Nautilus by 3-4° per hour (up to 4h to heat the Nautilus up to 40°). Equipped with high-power air supply to provide the typical sparkling experience. High-end UV cleaning system included.

Insulated Pool Cover

Every Nautilus model comes with a high-end insulated cover to keep the pool heated and secured from external influences. The cover features a 10 cm thick high-end EPS (Expanded polystyrene) insulation system for maximum heat preservation and is manufactured from best grade artificial leather. The cover is available in 4 standard colours or can be tailor-made if required.

Light Grey




                      No Jets?                

No Jets? – No, the Nautilus does not feature seats, benches or jets. We believe that the concept of limiting the user to preset seating configurations takes away from the experience Nautilus is designed to provide. An experience much closer to the Japanese Onsen culture where one floats in hot water admiring the view and relaxing the weary body along the way. It is a ritual of indulgence and immersiveness. For this reason we believe the lighting aspects of the Nautilus are of superior nature over the gimmicky massage jets and plastic benches.

ASB Nautilus Party

ASB Nautilus Impression

ASB Nautilus Setup

We are planning on a stock ordered product – currently, products are custom made, please contact us for more details.

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The ASB Nautilus completely redefines what can be expected from a Hot Tub and provides a unique experience never conceived of in the space before.
Christof Babinsky
CEO - ASB Glassfloor