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OTEM 2000 partners with ASB GlassFloor to create a revolutionary flooring product

The partnership sets out to create high quality floors that create green sustainable energy. Using the welth of experience in glass flooring ASB has covered and the creative ideas of OTEM 2000 a range of flooring products for the private and public sector has been created. The range includes the Solarfloor®, iSolarfloor, SolarBikePath and the SolarSportsCourt.

OTEM2000 is a spanish start-up focused to promote the local clean energy production by innovations, committing itself to inventing new ways for the generation of green energy sources and the communication of a more sustainable way of doing things. OTEM believes in the application of the products it sets out to develop and the message that is transmitted in the application of these products. The products this partnership sets out to build are the brainchild of OTEM2000 and with ASB the right partner for the realization of OTEM2000’s ambitious products is found.

ASB is a company with its background in the sports industry, supplying products of the highest quality and performance. With roots in the squash market, where the company has received several awards for outstanding innovation and progress in the market ASB is used to deliver high performance flooring for one of the toughest games played on modern flooring. The ASB GlassFloor can be called the most innovative product in the sports industry within the last decades ( ASB is branching out to the architectural market where the semi-translucent ASB GlassFloor stirs up a lot of interest at the moment. The know-how in glass flooring technology ASB holds is the ideal platform to create the new green energy range of floors.

Building the range of Solarfloor®s, some sever technological challenges had to be overcome. The now ready for market product works with the latest PV technology to provide efficient energy harvest in situations where shadow and traffic on the surface cannot be calculated. The challenges of water impact and ventilation as well as the norm compliance in the public sector have been overcome and the resulting products are truly great.

Whilst the Solarfloor® can be installed on rooftops, pavements, public areas or private patios, the iSolarfloor is a smaller version with added technology harvesting the clean energy produced during daylight hours. A small area of flooring integrated in for example a walkway in a public park can be used to provide public wifi or light a LED street light at night. The solar bike path can guide cyclists with LED marking lines on a high grip surface and display traffic messaged when required. The SolarSportsCourt® makes use of ASBs flexible elastic flooring system to generate a public sports surface that can generate energy whilst in use or idle allowing the creation of green energy on a space that is traditionally only usable for sports.

Both parties signed their partnership agreement last June. ASB has the power to manage manufacturing and installation on a global scale and OTEM200 can stay committed to communicating its green energy message to the public.

Antony Orti, MD OTEM2000, pointed out that ‘with these products there is the potential to create amazing spaces that fulfill a green cause whilst also communicating a cool and green message. A rooftop garden for example could benefit greatly from these products as there would be green energy created but the space would still be available and look great. My ideal workplace would have such a rooftop garden like this’.

General product specification:

(1) walkable PV flooring with non-slip certification (outdoor and indoor locations): UNE ENV12633 , DIN 51130, DIN 51097, ASTM C 1028-07 and DIN V 18032-2:2001-04 for sport uses
(2) glassfloor with high strength and durability.
(3) patented led backlit system
(4) multifunctional surfaces, stringing and PV tech allow for shadows and obstacles placed on the surface
(5) Easy to install and clean. Low maintenance
(6) minimum build up height 70mm
(7) max panel sit of 3000 x 2000 mm



Since the 1st of August the new TV Channels BT Sport 1 + 2 are live on the British market. BT Sport sets out to challenge major Sport TV supplier Sky. In order to compete successfully, BT Sport had to enter the game at top level. Next to a large number of premier league football games, the total rights to rugby, the Bundesliga, Moto GP and many more rights to high profile sports events BT Sport also found a way of presenting sport in a more interactive way. BT Sport will replay and explain different scenarios live with some of the experts they acquired, in the studio.

With many different sports being presented, from this studio what would have been a better choice than an ASB GlassFloor as a live pitch? As the centre piece of the BT Sport TV Studio ASB installed a 400m2 GlassFloor with LED marking line configurations for 10 different setups. These include football, basketball, rugby, tennis, volleyball, netball and different scaled versions of the individual fields. It is, for example, possible to project a 1:1 set of lines around a football goal to do live penalty shootings. Presenters can also display a mini version of a complete field to show how different situations on the pitch are to be judged.

Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer BT Sport, states: “What ASB has designed and installed for us is a cutting edge floor which is the cornerstone of our new state of the art production facilities. The floor not only looks fantastic on Television but also enables BT Sport to build programmes around observation and analysis bringing its audiences closer to the personalities and skills of the many sports that we will be covering. The floor was designed and installed in record time and there was a great spirit of collaboration and can do from ASB.”

The project has gone through in record time: In only 8 weeks from order confirmation to finished installation. The actual installation of all 400 square metres of GlassFloor including more than 700 metres of LED marking lines took only 10 days from unloading to sign over.

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