Newsletter 03 2019

We’ve changed the game forever…

At the beginning of February, ASB exhibited the world’s first interactive digital air-hockey game to the public during ISPO Munich. The tracking system which works in tandem with our LumiFlex sports floor has brought a whole new dimension to playing sports. It is called ‚ASB TracBack‘.
The system can track individuals or teams, then display important statistics and play animations on the floor; measure speed, direction, scores and other variables. Animations can be triggered when a team scores a point or a player isn’t quick enough. You get the idea…

This was a huge milestone to reach for ASB – the already smart LED sports floor has just got that bit smarter.

Oh, and we won the ISPO Gold Award!

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ASB Architectural and DeepLumen at the FRAME Awards

We brought the DeepLumen installation to the FRAME Awards in Amsterdam this year. FRAME is one of the biggest and most respected architectural media brands in the world, and our installation was one of the highlights of the awards event.

In addition to DeepLumen, we also installed an LED stage and catwalk which was used for various discussions and the awards ceremony itself.
The interior of the cube is constantly changing and evolving into different feeling atmospheres via the use of algorithms. The spectators inside cannot see out, whereas the spectators outside can see in… This got the architects‘ minds thinking about how they could implement this concept into future projects.

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ASB is in the news!

Over the past few months, ASB have been featured in two of the most highly respected newspapers in Germany. We have had in-depth articles published in the „Handelsblatt“ and the „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“. Being featured in newspapers of this calibre is a huge achievement for ASB and just adds to the fantastic publicity we have been receiving over the past few months!

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We supplied two stages for the event in Düsseldorf. The smaller stage being a 6m x 6m square that was used for the SPOBIS innovation awards; this was a similar idea to „Dragon’s Den“, where business owners proposed their business / ideas to industry professionals to try and win the competition.

However the highlight of the exhibition for us was the main stage in the auditorium- this was where people from the top of the sporting world delivered speeches and business plans to spectators.
Sporting celebrities such as Hans-Joachim Watzke (CEO of Borussia Dortmund), Jochen Sengpiehl (CMO of Volkswagen) and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Chairman of FC Bayern Munich) were present. They delivered vital information to hundreds in the room and thousands watching the live stream. The platform was a great opportunity for us to display our floor and its capabilities to the sporting world.

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ASB Awards!

We have been working hard over the past few years to bring the most current and innovative products to the market, further developing past designs to keep our products at the forefront of technology.


ISPO Award – Teamsport category. We were selected as GOLD WINNERS, ceremony was held at ISPO.

Yahoo Sports Technology Awards – Technology for Participation. We are in the final 6 for our category, ceremony held on 2nd May.

Sports Business Awards – Sports Innovation Award. We are in the final 8 for our category, ceremony held on 31st May.

?????????? – Innovation category. We have been selected as GOLD WINNERS, ceremony to be held in May. For legal reasons we cannot disclose the competition until after the ceremony.

Not a bad haul if we may say so ourselves 😉

We are very proud to have got this far in so many competitions, and we are relieved that various panels of industry experts believe in our products as much as we do! Keep your eyes peeled for the award that we’ve won but can’t disclose yet, its a big one…