Newsletter 05 2017

Opening of BallsportArena Dresden: The biggest ASB MultiSports installed so far

It’s a revolution in German Bundesliga sports: With the opening of the new BallsportArena in Dresden on May 21st/22nd, major games and tournaments in handball, basketball and volleyball will be presented on the futuristic ASB Multisports for the first time. Sportspros, VIPs, music stars and high-ranking politicians such as Saxony’s governor Stanislaw Tillich and about 4’500 visitors celebrated the spectacular opening ceremony for two days. The basketball show of the legendary Harlem Globetrotters and a concert of German band “Frida Gold” were two outstanding highlights among the colourful entertainment program of sports, music and dance.

Most of the visitors were mesmerized by the futuristic look of the blue glass floor with its white glowing LED lines. “Absolutely innovative”, one of the visitors commented with enthusiasm. Barry Hardy, coach of the Globetrotters, said: “We all love the floor!”. This 2’000 m2 floor is the most advanced flooring system in the world and the biggest ASB MultiSports installed so far. Up to 4’000 spectators will cheer for the handball players of 2nd Bundesliga team HC Elbflorenz.

The blue floor is made from tempered safety glass and can withstand enormous impact. The surface of the glass undergoes several special treatments to achieve ideal elasticity, friction and reflection of light. The material is in fact 2.4 times more elastic under human weight than a comparable hard wood board. The floor is certified according to the international standard for sports floors, EN 14904, as well as the German standard DIN V 18032-2 and EN 14904 for its grip. The players of HC Elbflorenz are also very happy with the reduced risk of severe injuries and the joint-friendly characteristics compared to a traditional wooden floor.

330 panels each weighing 180 kg make up the floor and were laid during the construction of the BallsportArena. All of these panels are made from 2 specially treated glass panels held together by a 1.2 mm PVB safety layer. The height-adjustable aluminium substructure consists of a grid of double swing beams on pillars. It also includes an underfloor heating system.

For the different marking lines about 2.5 kilometers of LED strips, embedded in engineered light channels, were laid. In the new sports arena four different kinds of ball sports can be played: handball, basketball, volleyball and badminton, also in different combinations. The installation of the ASB MultiSports only needed 30 days to be completed. Due to its durability and low maintenance it can also be used for highly frequented events and parties.

iSquash gives interactive sports a new level

The new BallsportArena in Dresden, the Capital of Saxony, presents a wide range of leisure and sports activities as well as rehabilitation and Spa facilities to its visitors. In addition to the sports and event arena there is a bowling area, a swimming pool with a counter current unit, a restaurant, a sauna with an innovative and stunning design, as well as five brand new squash courts. Among these courts the iSquash – interactive Squash – system, which upgrades standard squash courts with digital training and games functionality.

The interactive games are designed to get players active and engaged like never before. They can choose from a wide range of solo, cooperative and competitive games with full-color graphics and sound – all of this using the same racket and balls as in regular squash. interactiveSquash training modules assess and coach players in a completely new way. For the first time ever, players can track their performance with insightful statistics and analysis.

Special training modules are designed to hone skills and techniques directly related to competitive squash. Players receive visual cues, feedback and audio instructions so they can improve step by step. Players are also given real-time feedback and assessment on their performance.

Games are designed to be fun and engaging with multiple levels, bright graphics and sounds. They have been created according to the motto “Focus on the Fun and not the Burn”. The result is one of the most enjoyable and engaging sports-based workouts on the market. The system uses the very latest generation of Panasonic laser-diode projectors to produce a clear, crisp image even in the bright lighting conditions required by squash courts.

In combination with the high-tech features and LED marking lines of the ASB MultiSports, iSquash in the BallsportArena Dresden will present a unique experience of a new dimension in sports to the player.

ASB GlassFloor: A new fusion of Spa and nature

In the games of handball, basketball, volleyball, badminton or squash in the BallsportArena Dresden, players sweat and toil for their passion to win. After having finished the match it’s time for a sauna experience to revitalize body and mind. Traditionally the visit in the pine-clad room is the best way to find back to inner balance.

In addition to the futuristic glass floors on the 2’000m2 pitch and in the squash area you will be amazed by the new ideas that inspired ASB to fuse nature and Spa and thereby creating a new dimension of wellness experience. When you enter the sauna of the BallsportArena you seem to walk on large river stones to get to your place. But this is only an illusion. A smooth and high-performing ASB GlassFloor will protect you from twisting ankles and hot stones.

A solid substructure of aluminium and elegant lighting create a combination of maximum comfort and security, as well as a real perception of nature. But this is only the first step to ignite your imagination. Instead of river stones or pebbles you can use any other material to add a new attraction to the Spa area.

Christof Babinsky, CEO of ASB, refers to the vibrant new features of the ASB GlassFloor in this new field of application: “Using our ASB GlassFloor in Spa environments is a great idea. This market is very competitive in terms of innovation and the ASB GlassFloor offers the possibility to create stunning effects with little effort. In addition, the floor easily takes all challenges you have in Spa areas. It is non-slip , very easy to clean and does not suffer from water or moisture.”

He continues: “Overall we are very proud of the new reference in Dresden as it showcases many different ASB products (5 SquashCourts, 1 interactive Squash system, the largest ASB GlassFloor surface in the world and GlassFloors in the sauna as well as in one of the elevators) and shows what we can do. It is a one of a kind reference project for us.”