Newsletter 12 2018

This Will Change The Game

We are proud to announce we will be partaking at ISPO Digitize in Munich early 2019 – ASB will be unveiling LumiTrax, potentially the most innovative tool for audience participation, professional training and digital sports. The full floor becomes an interactive surface used to put on a great presentation during live games, providing interactive training tools for top-athletes and interactive games.

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ASB Architectural launched

We at ASB have always been up for a challenge – in collaboration with artist Marc Gumpinger we created a one-of-a-kind visual experience at ORGATEC 2018 in Cologne – DeepLumen. A cube equipped with LEDs and reflective walls for visitors to walk through – not aware of the fact they can be seen from the outside…

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ASB LumiFlex at FIE’s 105th Anniversary Gala Dinner

We were proud to be a part of the International Fencing Federations‘ 105th Anniversary Gala Dinner – LumiFlex was set up within the halls of the historical Grand Palais to shine an extra light on the fencers and enhance the glamour and overall experience.

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Events to come: ASB will continue to be present at numerous events this coming year – among these the SPOBIS (January 2019), ISPO (February 2019), Fram3 Awards (February 2019), and the BaSpo fair (Summer 2019). The ASB LumiFlex transforms any event into a visually engaging experience. Stay tuned!

ASB wishes you Happy Holidays!