3×3 Pro League – Amsterdam

ASB supplied a LumiFlex floor for use at the 3×3 Pro League basketball event which took place in Amsterdam in June 2018. The floor measured in at 260m² and was installed for the duration of the event, numerous games of basketball took place on the floor and received lots of great reviews.

The LumiFlex floor was chosen by the 3×3 governing federation in an attempt to raise the profile of the sport and of course offer something different for the spectators . The GlassFloor proved to be a real eyecatcher and made the impact the organisers were aiming for. “The floor is obviously a real innovation. It is very impressive to see the lights turn on. All eyes of the visitors are directed to the ground.” – Nicolas Widmer, 3X3 Development Senior Associate.

The players were also very happy with the performance of the floor, Dimec van de Horse of the Dutch national team said there was “no difference to other floors”, and for Bas Rozendaal the floor even felt “fantastic”.

The floor was used to create a long-lasting impression on the spectators and athletes by displaying in game animations as well as advertisements, while the entire time facilitating game after game of basketball.


Pixel Pitch: 8.9 mm

Construction: stiff

Surface: 260 m²

Build up: 140 -180 mm

Grip resistant: according to DIN V 13032-2 (2001-04)

Installation time: 2-3 days/shop