Interactive Audi game – Audi Cup 2019

Audi wanted to make this event memorable for the travelling football fans and this they did by using our LumiFlex sports floor paired with our TracBack tracking system. ASB programmed a game specifically for this event. The Game floor came in at 150 m² and was found right in front of the Allianz Arena and caught the eye of thousands of football fans who came and gave the latest interactive game a go. Even former world champion Handball player Dominik Klein stopped by.

ASB had the opportunity of presenting both its latest interactive LED sports floor game as well as an Audi tunnel/walkway experience which gave the arriving spectators an entrance to the Allianz Arena they won’t forget. The newest game designed by ASB was that of an obstacle course where the aim of the game was for the player to move from one side to the other. Players have to safely navigate the course by jumping on the Audi cars and avoiding obstructions.

The players location was able to be tracked by our integrated tracking system which accurately records the X,Y and Z location of the player and displays it on the LumiFlex Floor. This further demonstrates the ability our floor has to facilitate; sports, gaming, events.


Pixel Pitch: 6.25 mm

Construction: Elastic

Surface: 150 m²

Build up: 320 mm

Grip resistant: according to DIN V 13032-2 (2001-04)

Installation time: 1 day

Unload/Preparation: 4 hours