BT Sport –  TV Studio in London, UK

The ASB GlassFloor is the centerpiece of BT sport’s Tv broadcasting studio in London’s Olympic Park. We installed a 400 m² glass floor with 10 different marking-lines for the sports television channel. With ASB MultiSports, BT Sport revolutionizes the way sport is presented. The presenters are able to interact with athletes on a real pitch, re-enacting different situations from past matches and analyse these on a pitch. The modern sports floor allows them to change and choose the required sport.


Colour: Green

Surface: 400 m²

Length: 20 m

Width: 20 m

Build up: 80 mm

Grip: DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04)

Elasticity: EN 14904

Line Markings: 625 m

Installation Time: 10 days

Method of installation: Preassembled without LEDs

LED: A Mini Football Pitch, a Half Football Pitch, a Tennis Court, a Mini Rugby Pitch, a Rugby Line Out, a Netball Court, a Volleyball Court and a Basketball Court.

Quote from the Customer

“What ASB has designed and installed for us is a cutting edge floor which is the cornerstone of our new state of the art production facilities. The floor not only looks fantastic on Television but also enables BT Sport to build programmes around observation and analysis bringing its audiences closer to the personalities and skills of the many sports that we will be covering. The floor was designed and installed in record time and there was a great spirit of collaboration and can do from ASB.”

Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Officer BT Sport