Court 16

Court 16 Long Island City will usher a brand-new environment to the game we love: tennis. The New York based tennis club is the first – and only – club in the United States to use the ASB GlassFloor with it’s customisable LED-illuminated marking lines.

The ASB MultiSports installed in the modern, 11,000 square-foot facility includes nine courts of varying sizes. Three 30-foot courts are designed for young learners, whilst four USTA-approved 36-foot-courts will be available for older children. Advanced players can use two USTA-approved 60-foot tennis courts. The unique elasticity of the ASB GlassFloor provides maximum cushioning and rebound value for kids and adults alike!


Colour: Light Grey

Surface: 663,7 m²

Length: 27,2 m

Width: 24,4 m

Build up: 120 mm

Grip: DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04)

Elasticity: EN 14904

Line Markings: ca. 550 m

Pieces of Glass: 128

Installation Time: 15 days

Method of installation: Preassembled with height adjustable sub floor

LED: Tennis, Pickleball