Fuzed eSporthal, Helsingborg, Sweden

FUZED flagship eSports hall facility with esports and sports activities, a project realised together with the City of Helsingborg.

This state-of-the-art facility is free to use for all and houses the latest eSport technology.

One of the main intentions behind FUZED is to promote physical activity as well as esports within their facility and wanted a number of indoor sports available to their customers. However with limited space, they needed something that only one company in the world can deliver – an ASB GlassFloor.

The unique design and aesthetic of our floor is perfectly at home with the high-end technology in its surroundings.


Colour: Dark Grey

Surface: 300 m²

Length: 20 m

Width: 15 m

Build up: 120 mm

Grip: DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04)

Elasticity: EN 14904

Pieces of Glass: Aprox. 50

Installation Time: Aprox. 10 days

Method of installation: Preassembled with height adjustable sub floor

LED: 3×3 Basketball, Badminton, Futsal (Mini), Floorball