Interactive LumiFlex sports floor – ISPO Munich. “Train, adapt, improve”.

ISPO is one of the world’s leading sports exhibitions and for us to stand out, we needed to exhibit something truly revolutionary. This is why we decided this was the place to exhibit the world’s first interactive LED sports floor, coming in at 168m². Our existing LumiFlex floor was paired with an all-new tracking system that allowed us to show spectators just what is now possible with our floor.

The players are tracked and their positions logged on a virtual map which allows us to create interactive activities and games for them to play. The activities we designed for ISPO were intended to demonstrate how our floor can lead to enhanced training methods and also novelty versions of classic games such as air hockey. Track the time, speed, direction of individual athletes during live play and display feedback and statistics on the floor, all in real-time for them to instantly take onboard.

Custom animations engulf the floor once pivotal events such as goals are recorded by the tracking software. Not only does this make the whole experience more fun for the players, but engages the crowd and reduces the need for external monitors displaying stats such as the time and score, as they are displayed directly where the action is happening.

ASB also entered our MultiSports floor into the ISPO Award, the ceremony took place during the ISPO exhibition and we were delighted to have been selected as Gold Winners! We entered into the “Teamsport” category and after weeks of deliberation, the panel of independent sports professionals chose us to receive the Gold Award!


Pixel Pitch: 8.9 mm

Construction: stiff

Surface: 168 m²

Build up: 140 -180 mm

Grip resistant: according to DIN V 13032-2 (2001-04)

Installation time: 2-3 days/shop