Philipp Plein Sport stores in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Milan, Italy and Paris, France

Philipp Plein is our first partner in the retail sector. Three flagship stores were equipped with our ASB LumiFlex floor, advertising the new “Plein Sport” label in Paris, Amsterdam and Milan.
Exposed to 18 hours of daily traffic by enthusiastic shoppers, the floor has withstood all signs of wear and tear to date. The LumiFlex has proven to be an absolute eye-catcher in the world’s most popular shopping areas. Both sales personnel and customers have been full of praise for the concept.


Pixel Pitch: 8.9 mm

Construction: stiff

Surface: 160 m²

Build up: 140 -180 mm

Grip resistant: according to DIN V 13032-2 (2001-04)

Installation time: 2-3 days/shop