Sports Hall – Stein an der Traun, Germany

This is ASB GlassFloor’s very first sports hall installation. We achieved all norm regulations for a school sports hall in Germany. This particular installation is our prototype. Nevertheless, after being used on a daily basis for over 4 years, the glass sports-floor still looks immaculate. On top of that, the floor is very easy to clean and maintain. The school-children have only been full of praise for this facility and prefer it to any others at the school.


Colour: Bright blue

Surface: 485 m²

Length: 17 m

Width: 28.57 m

Build up: 200 mm

Grip: DIN V 18032-2 (2001-04)

Elasticity: EN 14904

Line Markings: 850 m

Installation Time: 10 days

Method of installation: 100% on site

Various: Permanent School Logo under the glass, 29 sleeves for sports equipment, underfloor heating

LED: Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, Badminton

Quote from the Customer

“Since the floor was installed in 2010, my colleagues and I have daily sports lessons in the hall. The bottom is very grippy and non-slip and straight the choice of the different lines makes the sport driving much more attractive. There is no more confusion. The students enjoy playing in the indoor sports, during invitation tournaments, the foreign teams are especially pleased to come to us once to play on the hall floor. We even got students from North Germany and Mexico, whose decision for our boarding school was supported by the hall floor. The floor is cleaned regularly and there are still no signs of wear.”

Andreas Meckl, Sports instructor