The most advanced flooring system in the world

Thanks to groundbreaking technology, this fascinating surface offers a whole new spectrum of visual experiences with individual marking lines for various sports or special occasions. At the same time, our glass floors meet all industrial standards and are suitable for all kinds of sports, events, trade fairs or retail trade – one floor, 1000 possibilities!

ASB MultiSports

Whilst the floor fulfils all of the technical requirements of a modern sports floor, it offers much more. A professional court for every individual sport can be switched on individually via a touch screen. The system can be used indoors or outdoors and even portable floors are possible, exceeding the criteria for sports floors and offering a range of unique possibilities. This is truly the floor of the future.

ASB LumiFlex

ASB LumiFlex is a full video floor. The entire floorspace is a multi-functional monitor. The floor was designed to transform any space into a unique visual experience. Its patented glass surface is one of the most innovative flooring surfaces ever made and can be used for a variety of solutions ranging from sports to concerts, retail to trade shows.

It’s for the Players

ASB MultiSports and the ASB LumiFlex are designed with the athlete in mind.

When we set out to design the ASB GlassFloor, we realised that the elasticity and grip could be freely selected with our system. Therefore, we did not approach the question of what is possible, but what is best for the actual end user, the athlete.

The floor we developed provides shock absorption and elasticity at the highest level of what is allowed by the EN standard which is recognised world-wide. This provides a friendly surface for the player´s joints that also has a very good rebound value for sports like basketball thanks to the properties displayed by glass.

When choosing a high end-grip, it provides players with the best ability to stop instantly and with maximum control. At the same time, the risk of skin burn e.g. when players fall or dive for the ball is several times lower than on any other sports surface. In addition, the new floor performs 30% better than others under wet conditions due to its elevated ceramic dots.

50 Reasons for the ASB GlassFloor

Glass and aluminum do not age, so the GlassFloor with a “durability” of over 70 years is extremely durable and is an integral part of the sports hall

Due to its special surface, there is no damage or permanent soiling on the GlassFloor when using street shoes

No skin burns by slipping or falling down as with plastic coverings or wood lacquer